The Problem: RFID

RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. This technical system allows the readout and storage of data without any touching or direct view contact.

Creditcards, foods and animals are equipped with such a chip which can be readout with a radio frequency reading-device.

RFID is a future technology due to its various usage possibilities. At the same time this technology allows the un-controlled misusage.

Individual consumer profiles or movement models can be established due to the defined serialnumber of any single device that includes RFID chips. In addtion to that anyone can misuse the reading-devices with minimal efforts sensitive information is  stolen easily.

Example1: RFID-chips in passports

Component of the new, modern travelling passports are the RFID-CHIPS. These chips allow the contact-free readout of the saved personal data  - not only at the passport inspection at borders or airport even trespasser in your surrounding area could read out the data.